How to make Snow Cream (Soy Mocha)

Snow days are the best if you use them to your fullest advantage.  Here’s a simple, quick recipe for soy mocha latte snow cream we know you’ll love.

-About 1 gallon of clean snow
-1/2 cup raw sugar
-1/2 cup soy chocolate milk
-4 oz cooled espresso

Putting it all together…

Start by making 2 double shots of espresso and setting them aside to cool with the soy chocolate milk.


Next, grab a bowl of freshly fallen snow.


Now, sprinkle the raw sugar on the top of the snow.


Pour the cooled espresso and soy milk into the sugar and snow mixture and mix with a spatula.


Once the ingredients have mixed together thoroughly, enjoy at once with friends and family…especially useful after the snowball fight you’ve probably just had!



And don’t skimp on the choices you have to liven up the delicious mocha latte soy cream you’ve just made.  Any espresso flavoring syrup or quality sauce can easily dress up this delicious dessert.


Enjoy, and pass along this recipe to all your friends!

And if it’s quality coffee you’re in search of for this or other recipes, come see us at Lucas Roasting Company at and we’ll take care of you.


~ by thephilosophersbrew on February 13, 2014.

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