Our Pride Demise…

Another coffee industry friend and I recently bantered back and forth on Twitter on just how easy it is to be hypocritical these days.  His statement was one identifying that we cannot call to attention something that someone else may be doing if by calling attention to it we are doing the same thing.  Great point!

I know…that statement is a little confusing without knowing the entire context of what was being said.  However, by the time we’d ended our brief banter, the word PRIDE had been used…and it has really kept me thinking, since, about our world today and the competitive spirit that’s portrayed, seemingly now more than ever before.

As I look around, I see not a recovery from the recent financial collapse, but much despair as people continue to struggle rebuilding to a level at which they may have once lived.  What I see, instead of contentment, is a sense of almost-panic as people continue to seek jobs to pay for bills and keep their homes, feed their families and plan for the future.  This is where the “pride” ties in.

So much of what I see is focusing on being the “BEST” and promoting oneself as such simply as a competitive edge.  And what I see are friends struggling for the same dollar from a client like never before in their respective industries.  Could it be that our consumerist way of life is drawing to a close?  Could it be that the time is approaching to focus on others and community sustainability more than self?

What if we are the generation to end the division between “haves and have nots” and simply begin viewing one another as “equals”, putting the prideful separation between one another on a shelf…to be looked at only from a distance?!?

Will it happen…can it happen…you tell me.


~ by thephilosophersbrew on April 19, 2011.

One Response to “Our Pride Demise…”

  1. It’s a debate that will go on for a while, no doubt. People are careful where their discretionary income is going, if in fact they even have discretionary income. A sad thing for the small business owner for sure.

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