Sustainability or Profitability…or BOTH?

One of the largest issues facing our world today is the growing population and how we provide “more” of everything to meet the needs and wants of every individual.  Needs vs. Wants…let’s start there!

When I think about needs for basic survival it usually comes back to several basic things:

  1. Clean, drinkable water
  2. Food
  3. Shelter
  4. Clothing

Given those 4 things, the world certainly seems to be evolving towards different basic items for survival.  Namely, cell phones, mobile devices, gadgetry of all shapes and size seem to occupy the thoughts of many of us…how to stay connected is constantly on our minds.

I would be a hypocrite to say I don’t think of my own connection(as I sit here writing this blog entry), but, I add, how is our shifting mind-set on “necessities” moving us forward?  My thoughts are that we are only moving forward if we can use our tools of connection to look back to earlier days, and more agrarian ways, where more people focus on their own self-sustaining survival versus dependence upon everyone else’s supply of needs.

The Buy Fresh, Buy Local movement is rapidly sweeping across the US, and Farmer’s Markets like the one in Broadway, VA, are growing with enormous energy.  The BFM board estimated that my local farmer’s market traffic and number of vendors, of which Lucas Roasting Company is a member, grew 300% in 2010 alone.  Could it be that people are starting to realize our communities must shift to thinking at the local vs. national level for the 4 necessities listed above?  I think so!  So, how do we involve more people in our communities to help make the shift from buying all their cheaper products from large corporations versus keeping their buying power connected to local growers and producers?  And how do we educate on the advantages of sustainable practices in all we do?

Sustainability on a smaller, local, level…or Profitability by the biggest corporations on the planet?  What if both, sustainability and profitability, can be accomplished, but what if it can benefit us most to be begin locally and get as many of our friends and neighbors involved in the movement as we can?

What are your thoughts?


~ by thephilosophersbrew on March 26, 2011.

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